A revolution you can watch. And touch.

Candy presents

a real Attention stealer.

The innovative oven by Candy is the kitchen game-changer.
Entertaining and connected, it's the only oven with all-Touch Total Control Screen door and integral HD video camera. 
Exclusive video recipes and lots of cooking modes.You won't be able to take your eyes off it. And neither will your friends.



Experience the spectacle of cooking.


Total control screen

A 19” user-friendly interface. It is easy to manage and allows you to check the progress of your food at any time.

Integrated door camera

For the first time, you can get a high resolution close-up of the entire cooking process, without even opening the oven door.

LED vision

The oven features two rows of lateral LED lights. This 360° lighting gives optimal visibility.



Manage each moment of food preparation with a simple touch


Total control screen

Select the cooking process and scroll down the oven door to find your favourite recipe in just one touch. It is easy to manage and allows you to check the progress of your food at any time.

Only one button

The only button you will deal with is the ON/OFF switch.

Soft close

Gentle, quiet door closing with greater protection against the wear and tear of daily use.



It couldn’t be more inspiring and intuitive.


Up to 4 cooking options


Manual mode

For experts and for those who already know what they need and want to have it quickly.


Video recipes

Watch tutorials on the oven touch screen to follow step-by-step instructions for preparing food.


Suggested cooking programmes

You can find more than 70 cooking programmes that suggest the best combination of options to cook your favourite dish.


Personal programmes

You have the chance to create and save your personal digital library. You can also set multi-step cooking paths, even on your personal recipes that combine different cooking functions simultaneously.

High-end cooking results

The oven is truly high-end, with all premium characteristics: outstanding performances thanks to the 78l maxi cavity and multifunction cooking for uniform results even on two or more levels.

The revolutionary Candy Watch & Touch, the first intelligent oven designed and developed to communicate with users and manage every moment of food preparation through a simple touch, has won the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018.

Considered the most important international design award, the Red Dot Award aims to honor the quality of the best designers and producers all over the world, and represents a real benchmark in the sector, having awarded over the years companies of absolute excellence such as Apple, BMW, Google, Bose and the Italian Pininfarina.

simplyFi app

Useful connectivity


Instantly control and enjoy food preparation with a simple touch, from your device thanks to the Candy simply-Fi App anytime, anywhere.


You can’t get any more responsive than that. With the Wi-Fi connectivity system, the oven offers you selected websites to visit, focused on news, lifestyle and kitchen.


Download now the Candy simply-Fi


simplyFi App